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Updates from Argentina
Tuesday, 29 December 2009
Documentos para cruzar frontera Argentina Chile
Topic: Chile

Requisitos de Aduana para Cruzar la Frontera de Chile a Argentina y de Argentina a Chile

Requisitos de Aduana para Cruzar la Frontera de Chile a Argentina y de Argentina a Chile

Argentino o naturalizado: DNI o Cédula de identidad.Otras Nacionalidades: Pasaporte con visa Chilena (De acuerdo a los convenios internacionales vigentes).
Tarjeta verde del vehículo a nombre del titular.Si el vehículo no es de tu propiedad, necesitarás autorización del propietario ante escribano.Por ley dictada en el año 1980 es obligatorio el grabado de la patente en los cristales de vehículo para los vehículos de Argentina y el arancel para grabarlos es de u$s10.
3.- CARNET DE CONDUCTOR vigente, no es necesario carnet internacional.
4.- MENORES Si viajás con tus hijos, llevá la libreta de casamiento o acta de nacimiento de los mismos. Los menores de edad que salgan del país solos o acompañados por uno sólo de sus padres deberán presentar una autorización donde consten los siguientes ítems:- Menores de 14 años: lugar de destino y datos personales de la persona que lo recibirá.- Entre 14 y 18 años: lugar de destino.
Si el menor de 18 años viaja acompañado de un mayor que no sea alguno de sus padres, en la autorización deberán detallarse los datos personales del acompañante y del lugar de destino.
Importante: Todas las autorizaciones anteriores a esta nueva legislación que hayan sido emitidas y conferidas hasta la mayoría de edad quedan sin efecto.Los menores que no posean la autorización completa no podrán salir del país y quedarán varados en migraciones.El permiso o autorización de viaje del padre faltante se tramita ante escribano público y se legaliza ante el Colegio de Escribanos u opcionalmente ante la justicia en lo civil del departamento judicial de su zona.

Al entrar a Chile deberás pasar por los siguientes controles:

Policía Internacional: documentos personales
Carabineros: documentos del vehículo Servicio de Agricultura y Ganadería (SAG).En Chile debido a políticas sanitarias, el vehículo será desinfectado por personal de la frontera. Está vedado el ingreso al territorio chileno de productos y/o subproductos de origen vegetal o animal en el equipaje del pasajero.

Aduana:El turista debe declarar todas las mercaderías adquiridas u obsequiadas en un país u otro. Sin pago de tributo pueden ingresarse efectos de uso personal, ropa, artículos de tocador, joyas personales, libros, coches para niños, etc.
Permitido:Toda mercadería encuadrada como equipaje y que no presuma "fines comerciales".

No permitido:Alimentos de tipo vegetal, carnes, etc.

Franquicia: de hasta u$s 150 por persona mayor de 16 años, los menores de 16 años hasta $ 75.

Con pago de tributo: se deberán presentar las facturas de compra y el excedente de los valores de franquicia del total de la mercadería adquirida, pagarán tributo.

Moneda :
La moneda utilizada en Chile es el Peso Chileno.Si viajás de Argentina hacia Chile, es conveniente que lleves dólares, son más fáciles de cambiar y en el caso de llevar moneda argentina te ofrecerán entre un 5 y un 10 por ciento menos.

Para cruzar de Argentina a Chile :

La legislación vigente, solo libera de derechos de aduana e Impuesto al Valor Agregado al equipaje de viajero, el que consiste en :
a) artículos de viaje, aquellos tales como: prendas de vestir, artículos eléctricos de tocador, maletas, maletines, bolsos, artículos imprescindibles de uso personal y toda clase de cosméticos, etc. Todo lo anterior debe ser gastado o usado, apropiados para el uso y necesidades normales de la persona que los porte y no pueden estar destinados para su venta.
b) Objetos de uso exclusivo para el ejercicio de oficios, profesiones o artesanía, usados, portátiles, para uso manual y de manufactura simple. Sin que necesiten de instalación para su uso normal y de acuerdo a la profesión u oficio del viajero.
c) Tabacos y licores, hasta por una cantidad que no exceda por cada persona mayor de 18 años, de:400 unidades de cigarrillos (dos cartones)500 gr. De tabaco.50 unidades de puros.Dos y medio litros de bebidas alcohólicas.
Quedan expresamente excluidas del concepto de equipaje:Mobiliario de casaMenaje, vajilla, lencería y cuadrosInstrumentos musicalesAparatos, repuestos y artefactos eléctricos o electrónicos.En general toda mercancía nueva o susceptible de venderse.
El equipaje y las mercancías a importar que cumplan los requisitos, pueden ingresar conjuntamente con el viajero o llegar dentro del plazo de 120 días con anterioridad o posterioridad al del beneficiario.
Los Chilenos que regresan al país pueden importar otras mercancías hasta por un valor de u$s 1.500 FOB sin carácter comercial cancelando el total de derechos y demás gravámenes vigentes.Sin recargo por uso, sin intervención de despachador de aduana y sin la obligación de informe de importación.
NOTA: Los viajeros que compren artículos en los países con que hay convenios de Integración Económica deberán contar con el respectivo Certificado de Origen emitido por la autoridad oficial correspondiente del país de procedencia para poder invocar la rebaja o liberación de derechos del acuerdo, teniendo presente que las mercancías acogidas a este beneficio quedan siempre afectas al pago del IVA.


Efectos Personales:
Los viajeros extranjeros que ingresen como turistas al país tienen derecho a importar liberado de derechos de Aduana e impuestos (IVA), aquellas mercancías que constituyen el Equipaje de Viajeros en igualdad de condiciones que los viajeros nacionales. (ver equipaje de viajero)
También podrán ingresar en forma temporal por noventa días (prorrogables) artículos usados propios de actividades de turismo, como equipo de acampar, de pesca, material de escalamiento de montaña, de deportes, filmación o fotografía, microcomputador o bienes de uso profesional, con obligación de presentarlos a la salida del país, o en caso contrario se exigirá la cancelación de los tributos de importación correspondientes.
La admisión temporal de los artículos indicados precedentemente se materializará mediante documento denominado D.A.T.E.T. (Documento de Admisión Temporal Efectos de Turistas).

Los turistas podrán ingresar temporalmente al país su vehículo por un plazo general de 90 días (180 días por convenio Chile - Argentina ). Para acceder a esto se deberá contar con licencia de conducir internacional, padrón del vehículo o documento que haga sus veces, en caso que el conductor no sea el propietario del vehículo, deberá presentar autorización notarial visada por el Cónsul Chileno en el extranjero; mantener el vehículo en su poder y no transferirlo; sacar el vehículo del país dentro del plazo o entregarlo a la Aduana más cercana en caso que no lleve de vuelta el vehículo a otro país dentro del plazo.
Los turistas además podrán importar o pedir Admisión Temporal para otras mercancías que ingresen para fines no comerciales.


Los viajeros extranjeros que ingresen como turistas al país tienen derecho a importar liberado de derechos de Aduana e Impuestos (IVA), aquellas mercancías que constituyen el Equipaje de Viajeros en igualdad de condiciones que los viajeros nacionales.
Hasta por un monto de u$s 5.000 FOB libre de derechos e impuestos, siempre que se trate de mercancías usadas y adquiridas con anterioridad a su ingreso y por cantidades que no excedan el uso y necesidad normales del viajero.Las mercancías señaladas gozarán de liberación aún cuando el ingreso se produzca dentro del plazo de 120 días desde la llegada del beneficiario y siempre que vengan consignadas a su nombre en los documentos de transporte.
Útiles de trabajo:
Hasta por un valor FOB u$s 1.500, afectados al pago de Derechos de Aduana de un 6% sobre su valor aduanero y exentos del Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA)
Para optar a esta franquicia el ciudadano extranjero deberá ingresar al país con Visa de residencia temporal o Visa sujeta a contrato por un período de 1 año o más.
Los extranjeros no pueden importar vehículos motorizados usados. Pudiendo eso sí, ingresar vehículos bajo regimen de Admisión Temporal, conforme a las normas generales, con uso de los servicios de un Despachador, autorización previa del Administrador de Aduanas y por un plazo de 120 días, prorrogables, afectado a una tasa variable que se determina en cada oportunidad.
Mas infromacion Bob Frassinetti 05491144753983  o a email, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Posted by bob frassinetti at 12:32 PM
Thursday, 6 December 2007
The Big Island of Chiloe, Chile
Topic: Chile
Chiloe Today ......
The Devil in Church at Castro, Island of Chiloe, South ChileThe Cathedral at Castro, The Big Island of Chiloe, ChileMVC-017FMVC-018FThe Church at Castro, Chiloe ChileCathedral at CastroThe Devil and Saint MichaelThe devil in personMVC-023FMVC-025FMVC-026FMVC-027FChurches In Chiloe ChileMVC-001FChurches in Chiloe ChileJesus at the MuseumNight in the Bay of Ancud, Chiloe, ChileMVC-007FMVC-008FMVC-009FBay of Ancud, near Ancud North of the Island of ChiloeMVC-013FMVC-014FMVC-015FMVC-016FMVC-018FMVC-007FMVC-022FMVC-008FMVC-009FMVC-010FMVC-013FMVC-014FBob Frassinetti at the Museum at Castro, Chiloe Island ChileThe town of Castro, on the Big Island of Chiloe, Chile.Church at Chonchi, Chiloe ChileMVC-020FMVC-021FShipwrecks on te Island of Chiloe, ChileArt and antique dealer specialized journalist for Argentina, Chile and UruguayMap of the Islands of Chiloe, Chile
Chiloe is an island part of the Chilean territory, but it might as well be addressed as a very specific part of Chile or well, a nation of its own. Reminding us those strange regional particularities that are found in Spain, Chiloe is a world of its own. Magical, marvellous and amazing, Chiloe is a fabulous spot in the world. Today Chiloe has a unique personality resulting of the particular mix of indigenous and Hispanic traditions that take a one of a kind form in the island world. Broad and everlasting coasts by the Pacific ocean, strong winds and wild woods provide Chiloe with a completely different scenario if compared to Chile's mainland. Many say it has a lot to do with Galicia in Spain. Located at about 1200 km south of Santiago de Chile this land is a land of charm and magic. Gorgeous green mountains, immense cliffs, a wild ocean shore and a constant rain provide this mystical island with an extra touch of mysticism. Chiloe's dialect is pretty different form that of the mainland, specially because they incorporated several veliche words, coming from the mapudungun dialect spoken by the Huilliches Indians who populated the region long before the Spanish conquest. This early settlers not only left their language as a legacy to the Creole generations, but they most certainly left behind a broad range of crafts, arts and beliefs. Their artistic influence can be appreciated in the many varieties of stone carving. Known a Cancahua this blackish arsenic stone is original from Ancud, and it is most commonly used for crafting. Sacred art in Chiloe is a living proof of cultural syncretism and cross culturalism. Chiloe's religious art is rudimentary, disproportioned, and rigid, and some would even classify it as naïve, but overall it is richly deep in spiritual terms. However Chole's artists did not only work with stone, wood is one of the strongest and lasting materials if well treated and settlers did know how to. The most utilized woods were from cypress, the larch, plum and the cinnamon tree.   Chiloe's current religion features two main visual expressions which are the tall wooden slim towers and the broad imaging that ornaments altars and town patron celebrations. While Catholic religion is early established during the conquest of these lands, removing Chono and Veliche gods from their main center, most of these local religious influence remains under different forms, usually these were incorporated to a Christian shell keeping the original powers of the indigenous gods. After a long Jesuit Gospel period, Franciscans took the missionary labor under their charge, however the Chilota School of Religious Architecture in wood remain. To this day there are at least 400 of those Colonial Wooden outstanding churches remain. Some in better shape than others, but those who remained, featuring nearly 300 years of age are some of the world's oldest wooden constructions. 
Bob Frassinetti, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Posted by bob frassinetti at 5:02 PM
Updated: Thursday, 6 December 2007 5:10 PM
Friday, 21 September 2007
Travel & Living in the South of South America
Topic: Chile
Buenos Aires has become home & all of South America my back yard .........

Night in the Bay of Ancud, Chiloe, Chile

South of Chile, a land covered with mystery and old folk stories..... Living in a Land that still farms in the ways of over a 100 yeras ago. An experience in Real Estate invesment for the Island of Chiloe by Bob Frassinetti.


Photos are from between 09 Jan 2006 & 21 Feb 2007.

Night in the Bay of Ancud, Chiloe, ChileBay of Ancud, near Ancud North of the Island of ChiloeLighthouse Punta Corona North of Ancud, The Big Island of Chiloe, ChileThe Island of Chiloe is surroned by the Pacif Oceon on the West and the different Bays inbetween the Island and the Continent.Farming on the Island of Chiloe, South Chile, the Pacific Oceon and good old farming LandLighthouse Punta Corona North of Ancud, The Big Island of Chiloe, ChileMVC-002FMVC-004FMVC-007FAncud, Chiloe ChileMVC-020FMVC-022FThe Cathedral at Castro, The Big Island of Chiloe, ChileMVC-003FMVC-004FChiloe et les Chilotes Marqinalite et dependencia en Patagonie Chilicnne by Philippe GrenierBook Shop at Castro, Chiloe, ChileMVC-015FThe Museum of Modern Art, Castro, on the Island of Chiloe South Patagonoa of Chile.Museum at Castro of Modern Art with Bob FrassinettiChiloe Archipelago ChileThe Museum of Modern Art, Castro, on the Island of Chiloe South Patagonoa of Chile.MVC-001FMVC-002FJose Trivino Nada es lo que Parece ser Museo de Arte Moderno ChiloeJose TrivinoMVC-007FMVC-008FMVC-009FMVC-010FMVC-011FMVC-012FMVC-013FMVC-014FMVC-015FMVC-016FMVC-017FChurch at Chonchi, Chiloe ChileChonchi, bay side properties for sale.......MVC-019FReal Estate opportunities for the Island of Chiloe, Chile. Sound investment for those looking for a bit of mystery and good value land on a unique Island.B&B at Chonchi, Chiloe, ChileMVC-025FFor SaleMVC-011FCheap Hotels in Chiloe, Chile, this one in Chonchie.....MVC-016FMVC-017FMVC-018FChonchiMVC-022FMVC-012FArt and antique dealer specialized journalist for Argentina, Chile and UruguayMap of the Islands of Chiloe, Chile

Multiculturalism: My own Point of View, the early days: Buenos Aires has become home, and all of South America as my back yard. I’m a true multi-cultural man. I was born in Argentina a long time ago now. My British Mom and my Italian-Argentine Dad had me and my brother traveling around the world, discovering amazing fantasy lands such as British Guyana and other Caribbean locations at a young age. After living only a couple of years in my native Argentina I have lived around the world, I’m Argentine by heart and British at the same time. If I had to choose I would breakfast in London, lunch at the Guyana and Dinner in Buenos Aires… May be that explains a lot of me… I also lived for many years in England. My teen years and a bit more I spent them at Mount St. Mary’s College in Spinkhill, a small town near Sheffield in the English Midlands. This Jesuit boarding school was my home; my classmates were my family and some of the finest memories date from those years… I also travelled in the Bahamas, and back in those days one of my friends’ had a small mansion by the sea side, where I spent several summers there, and once a group of 4 chaps, young, loud, and amazingly famous stayed there while touring and making a movie called, “Help” … their names were John, Paul, Ringo and George. Yes, The Beatles, so I also got to know them. It was the 70s and England was bursting with enthusiasm, creativity and wittiness. I’m happy to know I witnessed those amazing times. I have no doubt about the fact that those early experiences in my life have shaped my mind, my soul and my interests, that today I see taking shape and body in the broad cultural project I develop passionately every day. As Latin as I am, thanks to my Pop’s influence, I feel deeply passionate about art, style, culture… As a Brit as I have come to be, I feel English is my mother tongue, the borderless language that allows us individuals to transcend geographical borders and limits, the language of my thoughts and my chats… Thanks to my lifetime experiences I’ve become who I am, and along the way many of my projects, those that start in one’s mind and come to take shape along the road of life, began to be real and my input in this modern global world.

I’m a proud citizen of the world, who has chosen Buenos Aires to become home, and all of South America as my back yard.

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Santiago de Chile for Art and Antiques
Topic: Chile
Art and Antiques from Santiago, Chile

Art and Antiques fro Chile, Santiago de Chile. First set of a series of articles and useful tips and information for those travelling to Santiago, Chile and looking for Art and Antiques.

Santiago de Chile is the capital city of the narrow and elongated southern country limiting with Argentina to the East, crossing the imponent Andes Mountains, and Peru and Bolivia to the North… to the West, the everlasting emerald colored Pacific Ocean.

This capital, very much alike Buenos Aires and Montevideo, is a cosmopolitan metropolis of crossed influences featuring a strong modern style at the time it blends the influence of millenary indigenous cultures. Under that first impression European feel, Santiago is very much part of Latin America in its culture, social standards and way of life.


The busy area of the Plaza de Armas, downtown Santiago featuring yuppies, working men and women in expensive designers’ suits, cellular talking people rushing from one place to the other, contrasts with Santiago’s most important marketplace: Bio Bio.


While first impressions are very important, we feel that in order to truly grasp the feel of Santiango one needs to go under the skin of those first impressions to find the substance of the being Chilean.


Following the route of marchants, dealers and collectors we tend to enter a world of amusing cultural contradictions where the old becomes antique, and a dirty warehouse becomes the place you’ve been dreaming on in your way up to Chile. Bio Bio is known as the Persian market of Santiago, for it shares the main concept of those Middle Eastern markets where you can buy and sell almost everything, where bargaining the prices is a must in order to establish a good negotiation and end up with the item you want, and also, where the local culture is more vivid and lively. At the Bio Bio market traditional local food and drinks blend together with original 18th century antique furniture, collectible china memorabilia of all kinds and brilliant antique toys. The sounds of modern Chile merge together with traditional string quartets at the time a passerby salesman offers you to follow him to the best stand of the fair.


Bio Bio is not tidy, it’s not neat, it’s not gringo suited tailored to portray a strange conception of the “authentic Chilean”. Bio Bio is authentically Chilean, messy, noisy, filled with new and interesting smells, chaotic and absolutely brilliant. It’s a place where locals and visitors who want more truly get in touch with the Chilean culture, and of course it is by far the best place to hunt down one of a kind collectibles and rare antiques.


The Persian, as locals refer to it, is located in the outskirts of Santiago, in what used to be the Slaughterhouse area, out of use for over three decades. Easily accessed by using the extraordinary Metro –subway- system, this market opens Saturdays at 10 AM.

Originally set back in the early 30s when the world was undergoing a terrible economical crisis, the Market was a way thru which most locals could find some extra cash by selling some of the family’s relics… back then the Franklin neighborhood where the Persian stands today was undergoing an era of splendorous work and profits, thanks to the input of Chilean leathers and meats to the World’s Market. But tables changed only three decades later when that particular industry dropped dramatically and went practically out of use. By 1979 the former Slaughterhouse neighborhood was abandoned, and the area began to change into a Persian neighborhood where not only the Market is the place perfectly suited to find extraordinary bargains, but also the surrounding houses, shops and warehouses.


The terrible economic crisis of 1982 was the final addition in this neighborhood’s transformation.


Today the market is constantly expanding around the area and the related shops from food and beverages to music and cultural shows make of this a must do activity when trying to discover the beauties and treasures of Santiago.


See Chiloe, Chile, for Modern Art:

Interested in Modern Art and all in an outstanding natural location, then see The Modern Art Museum of Chiloe, Chile. PRESS HERE



So if you are interested in Art, Design or Antiques, and you are travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, or to Santiago, Chile or even Montevideo, Uruguay and need to buy and export these items or only need tips and information, please feel free to email us…….Please feel free to contact Bob Frassinetti with thsi email address: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go back to web blog:Daily Updates on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone me thru Skype, ID: Bob Frassinetti or you can also chat with me using Yahoo or My Space links below, press here:

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My personal experience on the Big Island of Chiloe
Topic: Chile

My personal experience on the Big Island of Chiloe.


From Chile's Mainland paradises to its insular magic and heaven: A trip to Chiloe

My personal experience on the Big Island of Chiloe

Riding the ferry that links Chile's mainland with the Great Island of Chiloe

is just an amazing experience. However, if it's raining when you do so, the journey becomes a religious experience. Raindrops altering the crystalline peacefulness of the Pacific Ocean emerald waters, prepare the scenario for a

brilliant spectacle of sea wolves swimming by the edge of the ship, along them, an underwater forest of yellowish seaweeds that simulate an endless mermaid hair, provide the finishing touches of a mind blowing picturesque experience.

Ancud bay is our port of arrival. The landscape there resembles to nothing I've ever seen in South America , and I have travelled a lot.

It's just a "bit like England" within the "New World". Yes, one thing in
common to Chiloe, is English weather of Chiloe. Its much like being at home,
I lived in the UK and getting there made me feel a bit home sick ...... So I
feeling very much at home for the whole time I was staying on the Island,
full of fields and cows grazing, land worked for the hay, small pkots with
very green hedges......

So one can say that Chiloe is famous, however, for a few more things that
you don't have in England, the food, the people, the wooden churches, small
villages plenty pf villages across the island.

Ancud is a gorgeous bay where the social spot par excellence is the Port,
the place where local people work, gather for a drink or to chat and enjoy a
wonderful view, and specially the best place to eat some
of the local treats. As the evening began to cape the blue-gray sky the
rainy day had left us with, we sat at a table -that would soon become our
regular table- to enjoy a treat of local fish and a wonderful Chilean White

As the evening went on, the sky mutated into a deep bluish black lightened
by millions of bright stars and a full moon casting its light over the port
area turned those deep waters silver. We headed back to our hotel, the day
was exhausting and we wanted to enjoy the early morning light for our day

The next morning, under a fine rain we woke up and got ready to go and visit

the Island's lighthouse. Christened Faro Corona -Crown Lighthouse-, this
construction is some 2 hours car drive from the center of the city. The ride

is just as amazing as the lighthouse itself. It's amazing how gorgeous the
scenario is in this island. I just can't seem to get over its surprising

After a couple of days of total relaxation and nature bonding in Ancud, we
leave this heavenly town for another gorgeous location: Castro.

Castro is not only a small very interesting city but also the Island's
capital. Along the Bay front there are famous local constructions are made
atop "palafitos" (pillars), which is a very interesting way to live and work
together with the constant tide movement, which if not addressed properly
would make life very complicated with constant floods.

Walking throughout Castro makes me recall upon my days -back in the 60s- in
Guyana where I used to live at the time it has a Welsh feel to it, may be
because of the intense green hills and constant rain which might make them
share a similar magic.

Without a doubt I find Castro to be a wonderful lost in time spot. I'm
enjoying already its treats.

There's an amazing way in which Castro has managed to blend the old and the
new, its traditions and spectacular insular architecture with the edgy
proposal of the Museum of Modern Art located in Castro's municipal park add
an extra flavor to this gorgeous town of multicolor houses atop wooden
pillars, wonderful Jesuit churches and spectacular cuisine.

Talking of which, our night out in town was a total success: we enjoyed a
superbly well prepared Pisco Sour, the national drink of Chile, with our
treats of Seafood: Abalones with Mayonnaise (Locos con Mayo) which is one of

Chile's national dishes, and it's done with exceptional quality and
expertise and fried Congrio- Conger Eel fish, also a local delicatessen.

During our stay in Castro we enjoyed daily great treats of the Chilean and
Insular cuisine, specially their traditional seafood dishes which we adored.

The days to follow will find us in Gorgeous Chonchi. Like all our previous
stops, this location has that fisherman-peasant insular feel to the town,
atop with an extra flair added because of the intense mapuche culture

Our visit to the national Park of and the Pacific coast was very special,
the icing of the cake was the outstanding sunset we got to enjoy at the
peer: The ocean was gorgeously decorated with many Salmon Fishing boats of
the local fishermen as the sun hid we chose to enjoy a portside dinner in
our favorite table, with our favorite drink: Pisco sour and try one of the
local specialties: sea soup, which is a rich fish and seafood dish.

Following the southern stretch of the Pan American route #5 Chonchi is a
truly must. Nice and quiet, Chonchi is the main gate to the great lake area
which we happily explored and discovered to be outstanding.

Queilen was our briefest stop, we only spent a day of
Sightseeing the beaches and bay and peacefulness walking along its beaches
for hours and hours,
visiting it's cute and small and rather not interesting lighthouse but
enjoying some time alone with the silence of Nature's beauties.

Quellon, via Chonchi, was our last stop before returning to Chilean
mainland. an immense Salmon fishing port though a tiny town, very
picturesque and nice. An important port that also servers as an entrance or
exit to the Island and a door to the extreme south Patagonia of
Chile......... I will as time permits carry on giving suggestions and ideas
to some of the places I visited or have heard about as time permits me. As
my conclusion for this Big Island of Chiloe, is a place to get back to and
enjoy before the said progress of prosperity arrives...... Cheers to you all
and I hope I have been of some help, Bob Frassinetti. Buenos Aires,
artdealer_ar's The Museum of Modern Art, Castro, on the Island of Chiloe South Patagonia of Chile. photosetartdealer_ar's The Museum of Modern Art, Castro, on the Island of Chiloe South Patagonia of Chile. photoset

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