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Francisco Adaro
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Leopoldo Torres Aguero and Monique Rozanes
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Francisco Adaro
Francisco Adaro,erotic art.
J Viski,Janos Viski. 1891- 1961 Hungary Photo Gallery
Cloudio Giannini, Argentina
Jorge Luis Garay Dean Funes

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My Little Pony, Argentina Photo Gallery
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Jose Ignacio, near Punta del Este, Uruguay
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Lighthouse on Martin Garcia Island
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East Point Lighthouse Uruguay, Punta del Este.
Perlas Islands Submarine,the true story
Lighthouses in Argentina & Uruguay
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Trains in Argentina
Train Tours for Argentina

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Updates from Argentina
Saturday, 19 June 2010
Art Estados por Marina Rovner + Cynthia Szewach
Topic: Art

 Art Estados por Marina Rovner + Cynthia Szewach

From today and for 30 days, desde hoy y por 30 dis, Art Estados por Marina Rovner + Cynthia Szewach This event is scheduled to start at 17:30 on 19 June 2010 at Costa Rica 4767, Buenos Ares, Argentina.


Saturday, 19 June 2010 and for 30 days
17:30 - 20:30
Costa Rica 4767, Buenos Ares, Argentina


Me encantaría que puedan venir.
Marina + Cynthia

Posted by bob frassinetti at 1:56 PM
Thursday, 17 June 2010
Buy on line on eBays affiliate here in Argentina
Topic: Auction Mercado Libre
  About Art Dealer, by Bob Frassinetti, a guide to art, antique and collectibles in Buenos Aires and around all Argentina, dealer, curator, and developer as well as a free lance journalist from, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work on art, antiques and collectibles, as well are neighboring countries, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys made here in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure from Route 40 and Lighthouse Adventures along the Atlantic and Pacific coast, Dakar Rally 2009, 2010 and for a 3erd time, 2011, curator and developor-investor in the Building of a Gallery Museum in the Province of Cordoba, a unique Real Estate Investment here in Argentina. Travelling for Art and Antiques"   and I have been on line since 1996

Living with art and antiques and travelling the south of South America. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Buenos Aires 2010


Vendedor: BOB.FRASSINETTI (8) Read More...Ver Reputación
Antiquing Argentina

Buy on line on eBays affiliate here in Argentina and other South America countries, using MercadoLibre.  

Bob Frassinetti Arts and Antiques Team Procedure & Fees

Welcome! We buy items on MercadoLibre in all South America auction sites/online shops on your order. All you have to do is to tell us what you want, where it is and we will do all the work for you. Enjoy exploring for rare items in South America!

Please send us an email with the website link of the item (either on auction sites or on regular online shops) and the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. We will try to get the item for you. If we get the item successfully, we will ask you to pay for the fees (commission, and cost of the item). As soon as we confirm your payment, we will contact the seller. We'll let you know the cost of the shipment (international either local mail, to Fed Express UPS or even direct Air Freight or Cargo) an aprox before purchasing the item. Pay for the shipment. And the item is on the way!

Commission: go from as low as 5% to a 10%, 20, 30% of the item price and up, all depends what?s its cost, it?s not the same work to buy you a trading card to buying you an Old Steam Engine or a Vintage Car or Motorcycle or even  a condominium in Buenos Aires, Punta del Este or Villa de Tulumba?.

The actual cost: the item, plus domestic shipment (by whatever means available and recommended), and plus then international shipment (converted into US dollar or the Euro, using our specified exchange rate). More Information email us, Bob Frassinetti and the Buenos Aires Art and Antique Team.

Contact me for more infromation, Bob Frassinetti.

Posted by bob frassinetti at 5:51 PM
Updated: Saturday, 19 June 2010 2:18 PM
Thursday, 3 June 2010
Import regulations by Argentina customs
Topic: Rules & Regulations ar

Import regulations by Argentina customs


The following goods may be imported into Argentina without incurring customs duty:
(a) Travellers over 18 years of age coming from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay or Uruguay, or residents returning to Argentina after less than one years stay in these countries, may import the following goods to a value of US$100:
200 cigarettes and 25 cigars; 1l of alcohol; 2kg of foodstuffs.
(b) Travellers over 18 years of age coming from countries other than those listed above, or residents returning to Argentina after less than one year?s stay in countries other than those above, may import the following goods to a value of US$300:
400 cigarettes and 50 cigars; 2l of alcohol; 5kg of foodstuffs.

The following documents must be presented for the importation of pets:
-Air Waybill/Original Bill of Lading
-Veterinary Certificate attesting to the animal's good health and issued by the -Argentine consulate of the owner's country of origin.

Firearms and Weapons
-The shipper musts obtain a government permit to import firearms. The guns will be held in a customs bonded warehouse until the permit is ready (usually 3-6 months).
-Declaration is required prior to customs inspection and proof of ownership is required for customs clearance. Owner's presence is required for clearance.

Export regulations by Argentina customs

Prohibited Items
-Heavy weapons, ammunition and explosives
[Firearms need special permit (Renar-Registro Nacional de Armas) from the
local authorities.]
-Drugs and narcotics
-Pornographic material
-New computers
-Color TVs and new TVs

Customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary
importation into or export of items such as firearms, religious materials, antiquities, medications, business equipment and other items . It is advisable to contact the Embassy of your destination country in Washington or one of that countrys consulates in the United States for specific information regarding customs requirements.

Other Argentina customs information

Following WHO guidelines issued in 1973, a cholera vaccination certificate is not a condition of entry to Argentina. However, precautions are advised. Up-to-date advice should be sought before deciding whether these precautions should include vaccination as medical opinion is divided over its effectiveness; see the Health appendix for more information.

Typhoid fever is not common but a risk exists.

Malaria risk, exclusively in the benign vivax form is low and exists in pockets in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Misiones and Corrientes. Protection in the form of chloroquine chemoprophylaxis administered weekly is advised, plus general mosquito bite protection.

Food drink: Tap water is considered safe to drink. Drinking water outside main cities and towns may be contaminated and sterilisation is advisable. Pasteurised milk and dairy products are safe for consumption. Avoid unpasteurised milk as brucellosis occurs. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are generally considered safe to eat.

Other risks: Hepatitis A and intestinal parasitosis are widespread. Both cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis occur. There is some risk of dengue fever and anthrax. Asthma, sinus and bronchial problems may be aggravated by the polluted atmosphere of the major cities.
Rabies is present. For those at high risk, vaccination before arrival should be considered. If bitten, seek medical advice without delay. For more information, consult the Health appendix.

Health care: Medical insurance is recommended as there are no reciprocal health agreements. Medical facilities are generally of a high standard, though of varying quality outside Buenos Aires. Immediate cash payment is often expected by doctors.

In many countries around the world, counterfeit and pirated goods are widely available. Transactions involving such products are illegal and bringing them back to the United States may result in forfeitures and/or fines. A current list of those countries with serious problems in this regard can be found here. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may impose corresponding import restrictions in accordance with the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act


For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go back to web blog:Daily Updates on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone me thru Skype, ID: Bob Frassinetti


Bob Frassinetti, art and antique dealer, curator, and developer as well as  free lance journalist from Argentina, Buenos Aires, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work on art, antiques and collectibles, in and on Buenos Aires, Argentina as well are neighboring countries, Chile and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys made here in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure from Route 40 and Lighthouse Adventures along the Atlantic and Pacific coast, Dakar Rally 2009, 2010 and for a 3erd time, 2011, curator and investor in the “Building a Gallery Museum in the Province of Cordoba” a unique Real Estate Investment here in Argentina. Travelling for Art and Antiques"   and I have been on line since 1996

Living with art and antiques and travelling the south of South America. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Buenos Aires 2010



Posted by bob frassinetti at 11:31 PM
Thursday, 3 June 2010
L'impegno di Flavia Liz come Personal Guide
Topic: Sao Paulo, Brazil

San Paolo ai vostri piedi

La Unique in SP offre un servizio di turismo esperenziale di alto livello socio-culturale a chi desidera vivere un momento fuori del comune per conoscere San Paolo, la città più grande dell’Emisfero Sud. All’avanguardia nella moda, nel design, arte contemporanea, arte di strada e architettura, San Paolo è anche la capitale mondiale dei contrasti.

Qui è possibile passeggiare per un parco di foresta di Mata Atlântica in pieno centro finanziario, trovarsi di fronte simultaneamente, nel vecchio centro, all’antica architettura di un monastero benedettino e a tele d’arte contemporanea, vivere l’impatto visivo di un edificio con piscina ad ogni piano, a fianco della seconda favela più grande della capitale, scegliere tra fare shopping nel centro commerciale maggiore e più esclusivo del mondo, o nelle botteghe popolari della Rua 25 de Março, oltre a poter visitare tre comunità indigene di etnia tupì guaranì.

Flavia Liz Di Paolo è la Personal Guide innamorata di San Paolo che ha le chiavi del vero turismo di lusso, quello che apre le porte su retroscena, persone e concetti e che ti porta in luoghi a cui pochissimi hanno accesso. Presenta le molteplici facce della città assortendo con maestria elementi di raffinatezza, cultura, piacere e potere economico, il tutto nel corso di itinerari indimenticabili, personalizzati e flessibili, progettati secondo il profilo di ciascun cliente.

Vedi come funziona


Come funziona

L'impegno di Flavia Liz come Personal Guide inizia al primo contatto con il visitatore, con il rendersi conto dei suoi interessi ed obiettivi. Abituata a occuparsi di viaggiatori esigenti, si mantiene sempre aggiornata sulle novità della città e presenta le molteplici facce di San Paolo assortendo con maestria elementi di raffinatezza, cultura, piacere e potere economico.

I tour si adeguano a tempi, obiettivi e interessi di ciascuno dei suoi clienti. Gli itinerari vengono preparati per visitatori stranieri e brasiliani, redatti in portoghese, inglese, spagnolo, italiano, tedesco e francese e sono di durata variabile, da un minimo di quattro ore durante la settimana a tre ore nei fine settimana e festivi, quando c'è meno traffico. All’ora e giorno prestabiliti, il cliente viene raccolto e riportato all'indirizzo voluto, con servizio porta a porta. I tour sono informali, realizzati per lo più con la stessa automobile di Flavia Liz, una berlina a 4 porte, dotata di aria condizionata e vetri elettrici, guidata personalmente da lei – un'ottima autista. Si ha la sensazione di godersi una passeggiata in compagnia di un'amica, che fa vedere la città dove vive e ne rivela i luoghi esclusivi, le storie più interessanti e tutto ciò che vi è di più incredibile da conoscere.

Oltre a trasmettere il suo amore per San Paolo, Flavia Liz offre agli illustri visitatori e ai turisti che riceve, un'esperienza che lascia i più bei ricordi della città e la certezza di aver “assaggiato” qualcosa di veramente speciale.

Sfoglia il menu dei tour

Guarda le impressioni dei clienti

Posted by bob frassinetti at 5:15 PM
Updated: Saturday, 19 June 2010 2:12 PM
Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Going to Brazil? ..... São Paulo at your service!
Topic: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paoulo, Brazil, Travel in style with Flavia Liz Di Paolo Art Tours in Brazil.


São Paulo at your service

Unique in SP provides a service of high socio-cultural living tourism to all who wish to have an outside-of-the-box experience when getting to know São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern hemisphere. Avant-garde in fashion, design, contemporary art, street art and architecture, São Paulo is also the world capital of contrasts.

Here, it’s possible to take a stroll through a park with a very green Atlantic Forest in the midst of the financial heart of the city; in the old downtown one can literally stand in front of the old architecture of a Benedictine Monastery and of contemporary art panels at the same time; feel the impact of seeing a residential building with one swimming pool per floor standing right by the second largest favela of the city; choose between shopping at the biggest and most exclusive department store in the world or at the popular street of 25 de Março where there are low-budget stores, other than being able to visit 3 indigenous tribes of tupi guarani ethnicity.

Flavia Liz Di Paolo is the Personal Guide in love with São Paulo that has the key to true luxury tourism, the kind that opens the doors of back stages, people and concepts and that takes you to places that very little people have access. She presents the multiple facets of the city by spicing it up with expertise the characteristics of the city: sophistication and culture, pleasure and economic power - all this with unforgettable itineraries, personalized and flexible, planned according to the profile of each client.

See how it works


How it works

Flavia Liz’s work as a Personal Guide starts out in her first contact with the visitor, when she learns his or hers interests and objectives. She is used to demanding clients, therefore always up to date with the newest trends of the city, presenting the multiple facets of São Paulo by spicing it up with expertise the characteristics of the city: sophistication and culture, pleasure and economic power. The itineraries are set up according to the time, objectives and interests of each one of her clients. They can be for foreign or Brazilian visitors, and can be in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, German and French and the duration varies, being of at least 4 hours during the week and 3 hours during the weekends or holidays, when there is less traffic. On the day and time planned, the client is picked up and returned to the address of choice, with door to door service.

The tours are informal, most of them done in Flavia Liz’s own car, a 4-door sedan, equipped with air conditioning, automatic windows and driven by her – a great driver. The sensation is one of enjoyment as you go for a drive in the company of a friend that shows you around the city she lives in and reveals its exclusive spots, tells you the most interesting stories and shares anything else that is incredible to see and learn about.

Other than her love for São Paulo, Flavia Liz has offered to her special visitors and tourists, such an experience that leaves them with the best memories of the city and the certainty that they savored something extremely wonderful.

Posted by bob frassinetti at 2:59 PM
Updated: Saturday, 19 June 2010 2:16 PM

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