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Updates from Argentina
Wednesday, 1 August 2007
Vintage and Antique Cars found in the South of South America
Topic: Old Cars of Argentina
Kaiser Industries in Argentina 

The following is a history of the Kaiser  Rambler and Renault in Argentian.

Franco Cipolla is an outstanding writer who takes us and transport us back to the 1950s to the time were Kaiser Industries were a trade sign in Cordoba, Argentina. His book tells the story behind one of the most controversial and important car companies in Argentina. Kaiser industries were the melting pot for a new production system in the car industry in Argentina, as well as a turning point in terms of worker�s organizations. Historians, politicians, vintage car collectors. To them all, this book is a great input. Great accuracy, fantastic pictures, a superb narration filled with anecdotes and fine information. 

Kaiser Industries is an Argentinean based company organized with American capitals and head managers, developed by local working force. On Jan 19th 1955, Kaiser would become the first American capital automobile company production based in Argentina. IKA was born. They now needed a location, and this problem was solved as soon as the Nores Martinez family donated some 30 hectares for the plant to be constructed at. The key to understanding this is that this wealthy family still owned all the area's land, so its property's value would rise immediately due to the strategic location. Soon IKA would develop at a fantastic rate coming to use over 225 hectares. IKA was the monument to modernity within the auto industry in Argentina. A battalion of expertise engineers from cities all over the world came to Argentina to work on the development of IKA, featuring Latin America's finest top technology applied into industries. Tide bonds with the US assured IKA a constant flow of technology and machinery of great quality. In just a matter of 13 months an empire of car production was built, and it didn't just impacted as competition, but it also reflected its energetic production into related industries. Jeep was it's first and foremost important asset, allowing IKA that first and necessary jump to success. On April 27th 1956, the first fully Argentinean made Jeep was roaming and rolling. Such was the success that only 145 days after the first IKA Jeep entered the market, they had produced over 1,000 Jeeps! It's important to point out that throughout these first years, it's wasn't just a matter of production, but also IKA aimed to produced as much as they could in a local basis, unlike other competitors who imported almost everything and then unassembled it in Argentina. IKA was the mouthful of fresh air the Argentinean industry needed to take off. Just to picture out IKA's relevance within the local market, in throughout it's 12 years of production over 20,000 workers depended on IKA for their work. But it wasn't just about a job. That was -and still is to all those who lived back then- not the only input from IKA to the Cordoba community, for the American-Argentinean company focused also on specialized education: Academia Arguello, Anglo Argentine School of Alta Gracia, IKA Technical Institute. IKA played a central role also in broader cultural aspects, such as holding Art biennials; sports through means of the Inter Industrial Championships and group-home Don Orione. All these broad cultural and social activities were specially designed and carried on throughout the times were James McCloud was chairman. It was a two way street for IKA and the Argentineans and it proved to work perfectly. 

In 1959 IKA becomes IKA Renault, as a result of a joint venture between the American-Argentine company and the French one to produce the French model cars. Soon in 1962, another joint model venture would take place between IKA and American Motors Corporation from Detroit; the first Ramblers were produced in Argentina back then. 

Among the models produced by IKA throughout it's history are these: In 1956 2,400 Jeep and Pick-up Jeep were produced. By 1957 the Estanciera and in 1958 Kaiser Carabela, the first grand tourism car fully made in Argentina. For it's 10 year anniversary the Santa Isabel plant was producing IKA's finest line of broad models: four Renault: Dauphine, Gordini, R4L y R4F; six utility models: Jeep, Pick-up, Jeep Estanciera (also a taxi version), Jeep truck, Jeep Gladiator (500, 1000 kilos) - simple and double traction- and Charge. Plus four Rambler models: Classic Custom, Classic de Luxe, Classic cross-country and Ambassador 990. By 1966 they were producing the outstanding Torino model (coupe and sedan). This was an integral IKA designed and developed model. 

One of IKA's keys to success was what they called combined escalating steps, meaning that each task needed to improve production locally was linked to other minor industries and companies working together but separately in order to combine efforts and perspectives for a broader and bigger production goal. 

In short, IKA Argentina was one of the many international Kaiser companies who worked by the theme "together we build", being active community members as well as cultural guides and focal points. 

History of the first automobile industrial plant in Argentina. Hope I have been of help to that Kaiser fan! Bob Frassinetti.

IKA �Kaiser Industries Argentina- was founded on January 19th 1955. The Argentinean government and the American businessman Henry Kaiser associated to establish an automobile industrial plant in the country.
Located in Santa Isabel, Córdoba, this was the first national automobile industrial plant. The Kaiser Industrial Center had about two hundred and forty hectares, where, after ten prosperous years, more than eleven hundred workers were employed.
On April 22nd 1955, the worldly famous Kaiser Jeep was, for the first time, produced and sold in Argentina. The next year, specially designed for rural purposes, the Estanciera enters the market, an icon regarding merchandize transportation that converged car�s commodities and velocity with the dimensions requested by transportation companies for shipping the products; also, this vehicle was more than suitable for the rocky Argentinean roads. 
By 1958 the first car to be produced in the country by chain of montage was the Kaiser Carabela sedan. After launching this vehicle to the market, IKA controlled more than the 81% of the national car production. 
IKA maintained it�s high productivity all along it�s short history, launching to the market almost one new model per year. In 1959 Baqueano, in 1960 Kaiser Bergantín and the Dauphine (also the Gordini version), in 1962 the famous Rambler, licensed by American Motors, in 1964 it produced a new Jeep: the Gladiator, and by December with less than ten plants in the country IKA exceeds the 250.000 autos production. 
By April 1965 the company produces a new Rambler with Tornado engine, and includes this powerful engine to other models such as the Estanciera and the Gladiator Jeep. On October that year, IKA buys SIAM auto industries increasing even more its vertiginous growth. 
In 1966 the Torino, IKA�s first integral national product enters the market. One year latter, on November 1967 Régie Nationale des Usines, Renault joins IKA. >From then on, Kaiser would no longer be IKA, but IKA-Renault, a very profitable partnership that would soon give birth to mass consumption models such as the Renault 12. This opens a new era in the Argentinean car industry. 
As for after 1975, the plant located at Santa Isabel would no longer be IKA, but Renault Argentina S.

Rambler American Rouge is like the Torino,made in Argentina? Read on and enjoy and mystery ..... 

There's a mystery around the Argentine Torino car. This model is not only not a Ford, but it's completely different from the American version. The first question that arises is: How did the Argentineans managed to use an American trademark for a completely different product without being busted? 

First a bit of history about the magnificent American Torino model. This car was produced by Ford for the American market between 1968-1976. It was a medium size version for those days' standards and it replaced the Ford Fairlane, although that name was retained for the base models with different trim than those that wore the Torino name. Available in a number of body styles this model featured a two-door fastback, two or four-door hardtop, a four-door station wagon, and a two-door convertible, while the Ford Ranchero car-based pickup used the same front end. Engine choices ranged from a 302 cubic inch small-block V8 to Ford's FE series 390 cubic inch big-block. The Torino GT was the upscale model, with extra 'sport' trim. During the following years much work would be done around this model, impoving its outstanding characteristics and expressing the latest innovations within the autoproduction industry. Its stylish and cool appearance was what guys called a "chick magnect" as well as an outstanding car. That's why it has remained as a beloved and covetted possetion to our days, when some of these terrific pieces are collectables. 

The Argentinean Torino also has a rich history to offer. Alike the American Torino, the Argentinean one was a breackthrough automobile. In 1966 the Torino, IKA's first integral national product enters the market. One year latter, on November 1967 R¿gie Nationale des Usines, Renault joins IKA. >From then on, Kaiser would no longer be IKA, but IKA-Renault, a very profitable partnership that would soon give birth to mass consumption models such as the Renault 12. This opens a new era in the Argentinean car industry. According to the sources we've researched, IKA and American Motors had signed an agreement for this car's production in our country. The Rambler American Rouge was the foundation from which engineers and designers would be working on to create "our" Torino. The famous Italian carman Pininfarina would be the one who would adapt that standard version to the Latin style market by altering the front end and grille as well as the interior. The ultimate cool detail was the bull plaque on the grill, as a homage to the Argentine's pampas that at the same time traced a link line with Ferrari's "cavallino rampanti"-wild horse- and Lamborghini's bull. On November 30th 1966 this glamorous car was presented to the Argentine market. Alike the American model, this Torino's impact on the consumers' market was just perfect. Everybody wanted to own a Torino, it was a cool, glamorous, fast and top of the top possession. Specially after the record breaking in Nuremberg in 1969 after 84 hours run. And also, alike the American one still is, and has become a precious collectible for those automobile lovers. Such was this car's impact in to the Latin market that soon after it was released, there were made scale auto models reproductions of this beauty. Among the most careful and glorious diecast Torino examples was Buby's, a coveted toy back then and a beloved collectible nowadays. 

It appears the mystery has been solved. Two different models, sharing the same name which have had an incredible impact within the automobile market and have set really high standards for future productions and left a permanent mark within this industry's evolution. 


Sociedad Anomina Industrial, Commercial
y Financiera. 

**The Argentinian M.G.

In the 1950's and 1960's Great Britain and Argentina were friends, and did a great deal of trade with each other. Should you ever visit Argentina, even today you will still see evidence of the huge amounts of railway furniture we sold to this country. It is almost like looking at our old 'British Railways' back in the 1960's, with copies of our rolling stock, and even down to the signalling equipment. Another tie with a part of the UK was the number of Welshmen who emigrated there to become coal miners. Patagonian Argentinians still speak a form of Welsh today.

At the same time the UK motor industry also gained a hold on that continent, and contracts were exchanged for the licensed production of selected BMC models. The Argentinians wanted a solid, dependable and reliable car, that could take the rough roads, and rough treatment the locals would meter out. The car would also be sold as an up-market 'de-luxe' saloon. The company who was to build the BMC vehicles was " Torcuato Di Tellas Industries", of Buenos Aires, whose engineering pedigree dated back to 1910. They had become a giant industrial company since, building things like that railway rolling stock of British design. Their products also encompassed steel making, electrical motors, cranes, ships, trains, and now motorcars.

With BMC technical support, 'Di Tella' were to build the 1959 Riley version of the Farina saloon car, called a 'Di Tella 1500', both as a four door saloon for use as a taxi and a base 'family' model. The Riley was also sold as the 'Argenta' pick-up, a fate many of the older '1500' taxis were converted to in later life. There was a Morris Oxford Traveller in the range, now called a 'Di Tella Traveller'. The engine was the unburstable single carb BMC 1489cc 'B' series.

As well as the bread and butter model for the masses, there was to be an up-market version of the Farina, and 'Di Tella' chose the Mk3 M.G. Magnette, selling it with the option of either a single, or twin SU carberetter set-up. It was called the 'Di Tella Magnette', unsurprisingly. This car had leather seats, fully carpeted interior, and was more luxurious than the basic '1500' ( Riley) model. Differences to the UK M.G. Mk3 Magnette were:

The Di Tella motif is not unlike a single 'S' from the WW2 German SS emblem. The very strong bumpers and overiders were necessary due to the parking habits of local drivers, and for pushing loose animals out of the way. The sharp Italianate 'Pinin Farina' styling of the car, with its cut-off fins, attracted the attention of the hot-blooded Argentinians; a very opposite view of M.G. enthusiasts at that time! In the Argentinian car the dash board looked identical to the UK M.G. version, the same shape and instruments, but was infact a large plastic moulding.

Many corporate parts were used to modify the Di Tella Magnette for Argentina. The steering column gear change was standard issue on the previous Austin A55, and an option on the Farina Morris Oxford. As the Farina Magnette uses the A55 floorpan and running equipment, the 'modification' already existed. In the UK this column change, normal BMC gearbox was available with an overdrive, but it is not known if this was on offer in South America.

Production was underway by 1960, and cars were pouring out of the Monte Chingolo factory in Provincia de Buenos Aires. Virtually everything was locally made, (similar to the Morris Oxford series 3, built in India by Hindustani Industries.) A few CKD Export cars had been used to check out assembly procedures, ( CKD is a complete car, in bits, in a box.) 

1962 saw the Di Tella Magnette update with the M.G. Mk4 Magnette 1622cc engine, though the '1500' continued unchanged with its 1489cc version. It is not yet known if the cars were updated as in the UK, with the longer MK4 wheelbase and suspension improvements, ( though I suspect not on this locally produced car.) The bigger engined 'Magnette 1622' still had the option of single or twin carbs, but the rear axle had been changed. The Di Tella's now used an American sourced rear axle on it's cars, a Kaiser version built by a local company called Dana.

Just as in the UK, the Magnette versions of the Farina are now rare in Argentina. The Riley based '1500' is still common however, and spares are plentiful. Taxi drivers loved the '1500' car because of its strength and durability, and are responsible for keeping them on the roads so long. ( A little like the Morris 1000 Vans still in use in Ceylon, now called Shri Lanka.)

In May 1966 Di Tella sold the motor car production factory to 'Industrias Kaiser Argentina' ( IKA ), an offshoot of Kaiser Automotores; an American owned company. Production continued for a few more years, but faded out as large American cars took over the market, ( just as they did in Australia, causing BMC's operations to close there.)

Production of the Argentinian 'M.G.' between 1960 and May 1966 was 2,654 cars. From IKA only 235 'M.G'. models were built. Compare these figures to the 45,000 Di Tella 1500's, and 2,537 IKA 1500's. The 'Traveller' estate car and 'Argenta' pick-up numbers are not known, but are probably in excess of 30,000.

The few remaining Di Tella 'Magnette', and 'Magnette 1622', are now being collected by M.G. enthusiasts in Argentina. One enthusiast is MGCC member Alejandro Mogni of Cordoba, Argentina, who already owns a 1946 M.G. TD, a 1947 M.G. 'Y', a 1959 MGA 1500 ( under restoration,) and now a 1966 Di Tella Magnette 1622 ( awaiting restoration,) who supplied the information for this article.

In the UK the poor M.G. Farina Magnette had a low image, but in South America its sister car was a desirable and up-market limosine.

Jim Mc Cloud was born in West Oakland, California, on July 2, 1918. Following a year in the Civilian Conservation Corps, he graduated from St. Mary's College High School in Berkeley in 1936. He graduated from Stanford University in 1941 with a degree in mechanical engineering.
Immediately following graduation, he started work as a Junior Engineer at Kaiser's Shipyard # 1 in Richmond, California. He was soon appointed Field Construction Superintendent at Richmond Shipyard # 2, and upon completion of construction was transferred to Richmond Shipyard # 3, where he later assumed the duties of Outfitting Superintendent.
After the completion of new ship and repair contracts, McCloud was transferred to the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation at Willow-Run, Michigan, then to the Detroit Engine Division in Detroit. After several different assignments, he became General Manager of the Division in 1953.
Upon the incorporation of Industrias Kaiser Argentina in 1955, McCloud was appointed Vice President, General Manager and Board member. He was elected President of IKA and its subsidiaries in 1959.
Following the sale of the Kaiser equity in IKA, McCloud became President of Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation's activities in Argentina. He returned to Kaiser Headquarters in Oakland in1972 as Group President and Director, Kaiser Industries Corporation. In 1974 he was appointed President of Kaiser Engineers, Inc., a position he held until his retirement in 1983.
McCloud is the recipient of a honorary Doctor of Science degree from St. Mary's College. In 1964, he was named Argentina Executive of the Year by "El Economista" magazine and traveled to Rome to receive the Papal Award of
St. Gregory the Great.
McCloud was married to Geneva Kathryn Edgar in 1944. They are the parents of four sons - Kimball, Kelly, Mark and James


Posted by bob frassinetti at 5:18 PM
Monday, 30 July 2007
Seeking by air Lighthouses in Argentina ....
Topic: Lighthouse Tour
About airplanes and lighthouse trips... Aviation is an activity of which Argentineans are very fond of. Specially if one takes into consideration not only the incredibly pleasant feeling of flying but at the same time the possibility of enjoying from an alternative view of terrific landscapes. In this matter, our country has very much to offer.Just a few days ago, I checked an auction of a christening flight over Buenos Aires in one outstanding craft, it was an Acher Piper in great conditions. And not so much ago I found out about the history of Argentina in the production of airplanes. To my surprise this country was the first South American one to produce an airplane, and the very first -even in all Latin America- to begin to explore this fantastic field of aircraft design and testing. One very recent news, regarding this matter has also been an input for me to write this piece, which is the latest innovation of Aerolineas Argentinas, offering its passengers not only a deluxe plane but tailor made options for the business traveller who wants to be productive without stressing out. One of their jets has been specially adapted as a flying office, alike the private jets many businessmen around the world own, though unlike those, this is available to everybody who wishes to enjoy it.So, after reading about all this new to me information, I began to check local airports from which one could fly and discover the majesty of these lands from an other perspective. The result was encouraging, there are moreplane- clubs than I would have imagine. For you to figure out what I'm talking about, there are at least more than 3 clubs per province, and only in Buenos Aires there are more than 12.The beauty in this discovery -at least to me- is that a new way of merging my passions have resulted, for I can re discover the treasures the Argentinean lands have to offer -if you've had the chance of watching Motorcycle diaries, you'll know the kind of beauty I'm talking about- through means of flying in crafts which in themselves are a pleasure to those of us who love to fly. Even more it’s possible to test locally produced planes, as well as flying in superb antique planes too.


Wow! What an experience!!


Link to Photo Album Punta Medanos Lighthouse Argentina


Link to Photo Album Jose Ignacio Uruguay




Argentinean Jets, a treasure for plane collectors

 It is commonly known that Latin America is not worldly known for its technological productive input to the world’s market. Our strong pillar, were and most often are, prime materials. For our location it has always been what we best provide. However, there are some Latin American countries that have twisted this role quite a bit during the last 50 years. Argentina is most definitely one of them. During the early years of the government of Juan Doming Perón, out country entered the world of machinery production. First were cars and tractors. Not far after, just about time when II World War was over, the Argentinean government began to come up with a new area to discover: plane production. Because Argentina remained neutral almost till the end of the war, there were no many restrictions for scientists entry. The Argentinean government invited many French and German experts to work in this uprising local field. Running together with the epoch’s feel, Argentina began to work on it’s first locally produced airplane. Just to picture the importance of such political and economical turn made by the Argentinean government, its important to bare in mind the Brazil, the second largest and most important Latin American country began to walk though this productive path almost forty years later during the early 80s in a joint Italian-Brazilian venture to produce AMX. And with more than 40 years apart these are the only two South American nations to develop these kind of airplanes. The IAe-27 Pulqui was the first Latin American southern hemisphere jet to be produced. Before its public presentation in 1947 there were several unfortunate projects to be tested. The French Engineer Emile Dewoitine was the man of the hour. He –together with a group of gifted local technicians- worked on the development of the Pulqui at the Military Airplane Factory  (FMA). Though this was just the early steps of an outstanding career, the result of this’ team hard work was just the plane’s prototype. Among the German technicians who worked developing the Argentine Jet  were Kurt Tank, Dr. Thalau, Reimar Horten and Werener Basumbach –according to the local specialized magazine on Planes aerospace #556-.Developing a technological industry in a developing country is a very complicated task for the immediate economical and political needs give prime attention to the basic industries disregarding the improvement of these newest ones. That’s why when we go back in time to find out about the history of Argentine produced jets we find out that several outstanding projects had to be archived due to a lack of funds. Such is the case of the IA-48 that during the mid 50s was an extraordinary example of the hard work of these specialists. This jet was to be equipped wit two Rolls Royce Avon R.A. 3 of 2,950 kg of strength, 2 Nene 101 of 2,267 kg or 2 Bristol Orpheus Bor 2,200 kg under the wings, that would be  delta ojival or gothic and was designed to reach March 2,2. The prototype production was fulfilled, however it was never to be industrially produced. The IA-37 would be the prototype model that would be industrially produced, though it’ll have to wait till 1984 when it was to be christened IA-63 Pampa. However hard were the conditions in which these encouraging technicians were working –because many of their projects were often cancelled due to funds reductions and economical and political changing conditions- their hard work and dedication paid off. Their contribution to the Latin American development was immense, and still is. At the same time, the added value of such incredible prototypes, blueprints and industrially produced planes is whatsoever huge within the collectibles world. For these are the first South American crafts ever, their value is proportionally as big as the impact they  had on the local-Latin American Market back then.  

Therefore, without a doubt, Argentina is one hot spot for those airplane admirers who wish to go through an unforgettable experience by visiting the precise locations these planes were made, tested and perfection at, as well as to enjoy them directly.


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Palermo Hollywood, Real Estate Investment
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Palermo Hollywood, Real Estate Investment.


Palermo Hollywood, Real Estate Investment. ...... Palermo, has become the name for hip and trendy these days. Being one of the biggest neighbors in the city of Buenos Aires, one of the 100 sang in the traditional tango, Palermo metamorphosed from one into many cool and wicked places. Hollywood, Soho, Viejo, Chico, Botanico, Villa Freud… So if you are looking to buy art, antiques or collectibles from Buenos Aires, Argentina, then check this my web cam for all kinds of items, I can show you my office and any item LIVE, and for more information: Contact me See "artdealer_ar" profile on Yahoo, I'm online now!:You can chat with me using Yahoo Instant Messenger. Email : Email Bob Frassinetti.
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Palermo Hollywood, 2004 
Its winter time here in the photos, and they are from June 2004, its an interesting contrast to how much has grown this area of Buenos Aires, interesting for Real Estate Investment as well as being in the center of a hip hop area…..For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go back to web blog:Daily Updates on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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And so if you Need an apartment along Defensa Street in between San Telmo and Plaza de Mayo, the heart of Buenos Aires, Press Here. So if you are interested in Fashion, Art, Design or Antiques, and you are travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, or to Santiago, Chile or even Montevideo, Uruguay and need to buy and export these items or only need tips and travel information, please feel free to email us…….Please feel free to contact Bob Frassinetti with this email address: Email: Bob Frassinetti.

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Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina
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Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina ........ First something on Fashion:

 "the latest cultural trend is to be unique. to be part of the exquisite VIP section of society lays on the fact that those who belong are not mass manufactured, not mass consumers, but elite consumers, one of a kind people.the outside appearance of a celebrity cannot be now purchased at a department store, for they customize their look, their style, themselves.nowadays clothing and fashion are approaching this conception of production.each item, each shirt, skirt, sock, shoe are kind of unique but not in a couture way, but in a more casual way."-- bob frassinetti



Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina ........... So Fashion and Design is a big city option here in Buenos Aires, we'll take you shopping in Buenos Aires to those incredible Argentinean Design and European stores, where you'll be able to buy those exquisite designs in local pesos, sight seeing will be organized regarding your interests, so there's no need for you to walk through the city like a regular tourist, but to visit those incredible places you love and have an excellent time out and get to know the city like we do, like a local, a native. One of the options is Florida Street, is one of the world's most important pedestrian streets. This promenade is one amazing shop windows for leather goods of all kinds. Jackets, shoes, purses coats and all kinds of design items of the highest quality can be bought in this area. Our local designers -many of the best of them- have chosen this street to exhibit their creations. Prices are very accessible and quality is just over the top! Leather shopping is a must when in BA, for this capital city is not only the city of tango but also the head of a nation built upon what has always been our national industry, cattle growing, so leather goods and handcrafts have evolved together with our society and its passion for fashion and high class aesthetics.
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Fashion in Argentina Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina  
Jewellery and couture can also be found in this amazing city. Strolling down Alvear Av. in the Recolecta Area we'll take you to the best jewellery stores in the city; Argentineans are very much fond of jewels so there are various types for you to choose from, traditional vintage ones, tailored made as well as vanguard modern ones, silver, gold, platinum, “alpacha”, diamonds, all kinds of precious stones... your dream jewel can come true! Around this very chick area we'll take you shopping and find all you came looking for, even those outfits you wanted to buy back home but turned out to be too expensive, here in Buenos Aires those same stores -Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Valentino, Versace- sell the very same collections in pesos (remember its three times cheaper that in dollars and a bit less than four times cheaper than in Euros). After a long day out shopping you'd enjoy a great relax in one of our excellent spas, massages, aroma therapy, sauna, swimming a bit in the pool would help you to regain energy. So if you are interested in Art Fashion or Antiques, and you are thinking of travelling to Argentina Chile or Uruguay please feel free to email me…….. Please feel free to contact Bob Frassinetti: For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to see all topics on Art, Antiques and Travel Information for Buenos Aires & Argentina:Everything on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Phone me thru Skype, ID: Bob_Frassinetti or you can also chat with me thru Yahoo, press here: Yahoo Contact Find me on MySpace and be my friend! Or Phone: +54 911 4475 3983 or in B's A's: 15 4475 3983 ) Invest in Argentina Real Estate an uprunning opportunity with a Future Read The Buenos Aires Art Dealer a e-zine magazine on Art, Antiques & Collectibles from Argentina. The Buenos Aires ArtDealer, Argentina.

And so if you Need an apartment along Defensa Street in between San Telmo and Plaza de Mayo, the heart of Buenos Aires, Press Here. So if you are interested in Fashion, Art, Design or Antiques, and you are travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, or to Santiago, Chile or even Montevideo, Uruguay and need to buy and export these items or only need tips and travel information, please feel free to email us…….Please feel free to contact Bob Frassinetti with this email address: Email: Bob Frassinetti.

Invest in Argentina Real Estate an up running opportunity with a future, a recommendation by Bob Frassinetti Copyright 2007 Roberto Dario Frassinetti.  Phone me direct to my mobile phone: 00 54 911 44 75 39 83. Or when in B's A's: 15 44 75 39 83. Or to my studio: 00 54 11 47 92 47 87 in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Willy Station Wagon made in Argentina by Kaiser Frazer
Topic: Toy Museum, Research Work

Willy Station Wagon made in Argentina by Kaiser Frazer

Bob Frassinetti and The Buenos Aires Art Dealer is developing the ultimate you’ll get to experience the true feel of our unspoiled paradises, best great life Overland Estanciera Station Wagon Tour, along all these sites and places. Aboard one of Argentina’s auto industry greatest trade marks, hotels and true amazing food. The best way of enjoy Argentina is as its lovers do: in style, sophistication and taking the pleasures of life.

Link to Photo Album ESTANCIERA IKA1963 Jeep Willy from Argentina

Link to Photo Album Ruta 40, Route 40

Introduced a year after the first civilian Jeep vehicle the Willys-Overland all-steel station wagon is an auto industry icon and milestone. The original Jeep vehicle was born of necessity and hand-built in just seven weeks with lots of hard work and genius to fit the US Army needs back in World War 2.
The Army put out a call to automobile manufacturers asking for a running prototype for such a vehicle in just 49 days Willys Overland ended up supplying more than 330,000 units.
The evolution of the 1946 Willys Utility Vehicle has come to our days as Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, a true trademark of 4WD and utility vehicles.

The 'Jeep' station wagon had pressed steel framing and three-tone paintwork which simulated the wood look. It used Jeep running gear and MB-style front sheet metal and was designed to compete against the "real" wood wagons still being manufactured by Detroit's Big Three. The new vehicle chassis was also available in a sedan delivery truck. Four-wheel-drive would become available in these models in 1949 along with the 148 cubic-inch 'Lightening' six-cylinder engine.

The 50s saw Willys-Overland four-wheel drive all-steel station wagon develop and conquer the world, and even licensed out its manufacturing to companies in Japan and Argentina.
In 1953 Willys-Overland, the original developer of the Jeep vehicle, was sold to the Henry J. Kaiser interests for $60 million. In our country, the original Willys became Argentine Kaiser Industry –IKA- trademark under the new concept of Estanciera 4WD.

The ownership of Willys has gone a long way now… The story tells that by 1950, Willys obtained a United States Trademark Registration for the Jeep trademark. Since then, ownership of the Jeep trademark, which is also registered internationally, has passed from Willys-Overland to Kaiser to American Motors Corporation, and most recently, to Chrysler Corporation. Today, Chrysler Corporation owns over 1,100 registrations for the Jeep? trademark throughout the world.

For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti.

The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina

Kaiser Frazer Willy Station Wagon, See the different toy and real models that we have been able to collect…… Please check out Photo Gallery: « | next »

Kaiser Frazer Willy Station Wagon
Kaiser Frazer Willy Station Wagon 

                                            Estanciera Willy Jeep Station Wagon by Buby

Estanciera Willy Jeep Station Wagon by Buby 
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RAre Kaiser Willy Toys made in Argentina  and For Sale. For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti.

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